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Dago mining is a modern cryptocurrency mining method created by a team of experts on blockchain technologies, business experts, IT developers, economists and investment experts. Dago Mining technologies use more advanced and more efficient methods of generating renewable energy. All equipment is specifically designed for the production of green energy and is configured for continuous operation 24/7.

Dago Mining offers users effective solutions to the global mining problems that exist today. The market and conditions change every day, and those who constantly interact with the digital technology market notice it especially well. The analytic agency from Denmark, which manages the bitcoin mining energy consumption index on Digiconomist, provides estimates of the growth in electricity consumption and these estimates are very alarming. Thus, 80% of the energy used for mining is produced at coal-fired power plants (China, Russia and others). Also, computing power for the operation of blockchain-registers use a similar power source.

Dago Mining’s business model is based on the rapid deployment of large mining farms that use renewable natural sources as a source of power generation. The project is based on three important principles:

  1. Green energy. The company produces renewable green electricity using photovoltaic cells and their ability to retain heat capacity.

2. New technology. A fundamentally new approach to cooling equipment makes mining very profitable.

3. High scalability. The business model is easily implemented anywhere in the world where the sun shines.


The blockchain community around the world faces serious challenges due to the high cost of using digital money and blockchain-based business applications. This especially affects the mining industry, which consumes a huge amount of electricity.

The biggest problem is that the results of the mining activities have too great a negative impact on the environment, such as pollution from the process of generating electricity and excessive thermal emissions into the atmosphere from the mining equipment itself.

To solve such problems, it is necessary to use environmentally friendly sources of renewable natural energy. In every country today there are opportunities for this: the generation of green energy can be organized anywhere in the world. This is not only beneficial for business, but also beneficial for nature, because the harmful emissions of greenhouse gases from this are reduced. Hydroelectric power plants, geothermal and solar power stations are excellent solutions to global environmental problems at affordable prices.


The goal of the Dago Mining project is to realize the full potential of blockchain technologies, as a strong decentralized system capable of eliminating problems in public policy and the structure of energy prices. The company sees a huge potential and benefits of green energy and offers a solution for both investors and private clients in this market. To do this, use their own power plants and deep-cooling technology ASIC miners, namely:

  1. Power generation. The team has developed photovoltaic panels that provide direct energy production and heat conversion, which is converted into energy using steam turbines. Thus, there is no heat loss and there is no destructive release of heat into the atmosphere. Also, a distinctive feature is that the generation process takes place 24/7, that is, at night, generation and mining do not stop.
  2. Elimination of harmful effects on the environment. The team chose the most efficient methods on the market that optimize costs and harmful emissions. As already mentioned, this is a fundamentally new technique for cooling equipment.
  3. Electricity storage. The technology is based on a simple idea: to meet growing demands and increase the use of renewable energy, large-scale energy storage systems are required that would be high-performance, safe, sustainable and economical. The battery consists of an electrolyte with sea water, a manganese oxide cathode, a composite anode made of phosphorus carbonate and titanium, and a jumper made of synthetic cotton. The battery uses non-aggressive reactions at the anode and cathode. Saving energy in batteries allows you to consume all the solar energy produced and control costs. These batteries are optimized for continuous cycle and ensure reliable operation without frequent maintenance. Batteries are rated at 2+ kW at 48V and can be connected in series or in parallel for a wide range of configurations of the consuming system.

Currency exchange is very important for a profitable model. Sometimes it is more beneficial for coins with lower value, because with increasing volume, the yield is multiplied. We are talking about the project’s own currency — Dago tokens. The software that the project team develops allows you to add value with each new coin you create. Developers create separate internal networks in which users can store their naming assets.



Dago Mining developers have chosen the right vector of development, deciding to produce clean energy for mining. This technology has already been tested and widely distributed throughout the world. The team will attract partners who will be able to deploy farms in new locations. At the moment, cooperation is already underway with some construction companies that specialize in the construction of power plants and their maintenance.

The various modules of power plants are designed for a 20-year lifespan, which gives the team the opportunity to plan low maintenance costs and then model potential profits for themselves, investors and partners.

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