Yes Alex, get over yourself already.
Michael Kelly

You truly are dense. Clinging to a world of nostalgia where high school dropouts were able to get union-locked jobs on the factory floor welding a bolt into place doesn’t hide the fact that manufacturing output has actually increased considerably in the last decades. Stop being a Luddite whining about the ‘machines’ and ‘foreigners’ running in to steal your jobs. Protectionism doesn’t work. It never worked. It’s only a quick fix that hides the rot in an economy that is rapidly becoming noncompetitive. Look at modern Japan. The cost of living is astronomical and the people stagnating because of protectionism. Hell, look at the United States. The Smoot-Hawley tariff act destroyed the economy and further protectionism will do so again.

You bitch about a Walmart with Chinese goods, but if you restrict imports the Average Americans you seem to care so much about will be devastated with the massive spike in the cost of living. Which do you want? Protectionism or an affordable cost of living? You can’t have both. Innovation and technology will keep the economy going. Should the government have subsidized the buggy whip industry when the automobile came out?

Conservatism is not protectionist. Conservatism is not nativist. There’s a name for such philosophies, it’s called populism, or even fascism. If you don’t like the Republican Party, start a third party.

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