Favorited Interesting Link on Twitter, What’s Next?

New way of bookmarking based on social likes.

Almost all social networks are build around idea of “likes”. Originally “likes” were designed to show appreciation to author of content. But nowadays, “likes” are becoming new way of bookmarking.

How many favorites do you usually do per day?

One day I realized, I use Twitter favorites as kind of inbox, where I can store items to check out later. After speaking to other people, I also realized I'm not alone.

The problem though, neither “Twitter Favorites”, “Github Stars” nor “Youtube Likes” pages designed to make favorites convenient to use. They lack some basic functionality as search, easy browsing etc.

So, the favorited content became almost useless, since it’s too difficult to refer back to this information.

How to get all my social likes?

Recently Lifehacker.com published an article on how to collect all your social likes from different sources.

With Likeastore you just connect to social networks and in few moments you will see all your likes on one dashboard. It works not only for Twitter, but for Facebook, GitHub, Pocket, Flickr, Instagram and other social medias.

The webapp just works. Hook it up to the social network you want and it will get your favorites from there. @lifehacker

Having all liked content in one place make it very handy, especially with Inbox, where all new likes appear, so you will never ever waste your time for finding relevant information.

Can I make something useful out of it?

Sure, you do! Your stream of likes can easily became valuable after grouping things into collections. Collections itself are followable, so everyone can see what you put in in their feeds.

The experience remains the same as typical bookmarking tool. With Likeastore, it’s not only possible to collect the information, but also discover new things by following collections you are interested in.

I believe that bookmarking by social media will be very popular in nearest future. You will be more efficient if you use your information efficiently.

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