Google Chrome Extension to Make Search Experience Better

There will be no internet as we know it without search engines. Searching is vital and we spend a lot of time on the internet exactly for that purpose.

Many of you might know how search engines work. Google went popular because of their original PageRank algorithm, that was relatively simple, but gave great results. Nowadays, search engines are the most complicated area in computer science, involving sophisticated algorithms and huge data storage.

Social networks is changing the way search engines work. We often hear how social signals affect search results. Likes, stars, +1's, favorites.. are examples of such signals.

According to latest publications by Google, Yandex, Bing — the impact of social factors will increase in the future. But before that future comes, imagine what would be your search experience if, together with Google search results, you received search results from your social likes as well?

Likeastore just released Google Chrome Extension that adds to the Google search results the most relevant information for you — by searching your social likes.

Likeastore Chrome Extension

All you need to do is to install the extension, create your Likeastore account, and connect to your favorite social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Dribbble and more..)

You will be surprised how much goodness is hidden in social likes.

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