Things You Didn't Know About Instagram 

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We all know what is Instagram, don’t we? Do you and your friends tag each other on cool filtered pictures? With more than 150 million of active community and 55 million photos posted daily it is no doubt that Instagram owns a great share of Internet users and it’s features cannot be disregarded.

Despite the fact that every third of people who are reading this post have Instagram installed on their smartphone, there are still some details you may not know.

Did you know that Instagram was planned as a location check-in service? They launched, raised seed investment, and only then did founders notice that people kept uploading and sharing photos. It turned out to be the most popular feature of the service. And that’s when the pivot to Instagram took place.

One of the founder’s was offered a job in Facebook in 2002, but turned it down to get $ 500 million from Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram in 2012. By the way, that acquisition of Instagram for $1 billion is still Facebook’s biggest one.

Instagram had a team of only 13 people by the time they were acquired by Facebook.

As strange as it sounds, 36% of Instagram users have never uploaded a single photo. 25% of users upload on average 1-3 photos and 5% of users have uploaded more that 50 images.

After Facebook acquisition there are some estimations in terms of future Instagram monetization model, so get ready to find sponsored ads in your photo feed.

Did you know that Instagram keeps the last 300 pictures you liked, but doesn’t count or save the total list of the pics you found interesting?

No worries, there is Likeastore to help you with that. When you synchronize your Instagram account with Likeastore, it collects and saves every single like you give and arranges it in a nice-looking library you can easily surf and share.

Never lose a single picture worth your attention with Likeastore.

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