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I recently started at one of the big tech companies as a product designer. I’ve been in the industry for 7 years and spend that whole time at startups and smaller agencies. When applying for this job, I found I had not done a great job of keeping my portfolio up to date. The last project I had to show was a print piece I did right before graduating from art school 4 years earlier. Not exactly the type of example employers are looking for.

With that in mind, and with an NDA keeping me from showing any of my recent work, I had to set out to showcase my skills with side projects that I worked on from ideation to completion. These were monumental projects that took the better part of a summer. Now that I’m settled into my new role, I want to be sure that I’m not caught off guard should I ever need to showcase my work again. Also, working in a large tech company is different from working at an agency. You focus on one thing and you get really good at solving those problems. …

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Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone X, Xiaomi Mi Mix

I’m a product designer. I’m also a proud Android user. If you look around the industry it would seem in this day and age those two statements are at odds with each other. Its no secret designers are biased towards Apple products.

There’s an entire artboard collection for Apple devices in Sketch, all the best mockups are for iPhones and Apple watches, and there’s an outsized push for iOS apps to be designed and developed.

I posit that this adoration and fandom is unwarranted from Product and UX/UI designers.

Our job as designers

Its our job to advocate for the best user experience. Its also our job to push the industry forward. We are supposed to be the standard bearers for whats good in this world. We read and applaud articles that argue for accessibility and design ethics, yet we succumb to the snares of consumerism without so much as a second thought when it comes to our phones. We critiques designs for being outdated, yet our phones still have design paradigms from 4 years ago. …

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Graphs can be an interesting and often complex design challenge for UI designers. These tips and tricks will help make designing graphs for your projects a breeze.

What client doesn’t love a gorgeous dashboard filled with epic graphs in their web or mobile app? I’ve been developing some custom graphs for use in cyber-security and on-demand platforms for a while now, and here’s a few things I’ve learned. Graphs can be an interesting and often complex design challenge for UI designers.


Alex Benson

Prouct Designer at Facebook in Seattle. Originally from Minneapolis/Kansas City. dribbble.com/abensontwitter.com/alexbensonux

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