Start or finish?
Yann Girard

Yann, I appreciate your message. Executing something to completion is really hard.

I want to give a perspective how I think this applies to software.

Stage 1:

  • The first 5–15% — prototyping— is the most exciting part (percentage depends on complexity of the work). People enjoy doing it and it usually proves that a seed of an idea works. This is where it feels like you are creating something new, something novel and interesting.

Stage 2:

  • Getting this to 50% is “easy” too, just takes a lot of work. Around or after this stage many are suffering to finish seeing all the tedious work already done and fearing it will take even more. Procrastination overtakes.

Stage 3:

  • Here comes the tricky part. Once you have a steady working piece which does most of what you want, work becomes easy. If you have planned well, every small change will have a useful effect and you are seeing how the project could be done quickly with enough effort. I am not sure what percentage this would be, but I would put it around the 80–90% mark.

Stage 4:

  • You never get to 100% completion, there’s always something changing or something that could be improved.

What do you think?