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Excellent post, I dig the Montreal spirit. I am not giving up, you have to conquer your backyard before the world. You can turn a profit from anywhere you want using the internet, so why move out of my 700$ commercial studio space in Pointe-Saint-Charles to pay three times the price for half the size in Toronto, San Fransisco, or Dubai?

I worked abroad where there are apparently more opportunities and found the extra cash was all going to rent or other hidden fees. I was not making the big bucks, mind you, but still way more than I was making here.

The time to start a business in Montreal at a low-cost is now. Can’t find investments? Get a membership at the MAA on Peel, Sanctuary in Outremont, or Vic Park in Westmount (when it is not on fire) and make new friends there. There is plenty of money in this city if you know where to look.

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