Science Of The Unknown

Knowledge fears the unknown. The thought of an immeasurable variable capable of wiping its bases clean in an instant is unsettling for us. We prefer staring blindly at what we know because of the excessive amount of resources spent to grow it.

Change is a hard pill to swallow. It is easier to ignore the fact that a mere thought can make a flat world round than to acknowledge our profound ignorance. O’ human nature.

Everything about the universe around us is at the mercy of time. The evolved ideas and technologies of tomorrow will refute today’s thinking, whether we like it or not.

Think of how much has changed since the invention of the printed press five hundred years ago, when only the affluent and religious authorities could read.

Add accessible knowledge to the equations and ask yourself: Where will we be by the end of this century? Will we know everything by then?

The unknown remains omnipresent, from the depths of the ocean, black holes, to the trillions of bacteria living in and around us. Its impact on our daily lives extends beyond our scope of thinking. Only time can shed light on the darkness.

Awareness is a valuable tool in today’s rapidly evolving world. Observe what is happening around you and react accordingly instead of wasting your energy explaining it. You will find yourself advancing faster than ever.

Remind those who belittle your world view that they too are students of the unknown, and show them the flames of greed, hatred, and disease burning down humanity as we read.

Knowledge has much to learn, clearly.