The Fear Revolution

Do you seek to grow your influence? Look no further, fear is a time-tested tool in the quest to rule. The atomic bomb of mass control yields results that preach themselves. Leaders of history can vouch for its merits.

Terror is a profitable business model because it triggers the survival instinct that can freeze someone, dead stop. The panic distorts reality and gives any opportunist the vacuum to seize control. Communication of the best propaganda wins money and authority. Media content is vital to last.

The gains persist until new thinking outgrows formal wisdom in a climax known as revolution. Fear dissolves, but the evolution can be a slow and violent process to unfold when power junkie pigs bite to protect their interest.

The most radical revolutionary becomes a conservative the day after a revolution. — Hannah Arendt

Masters resist change to keep power. Symptoms of withdrawal range from denial to mass deception leading to several forms of intimidation and aggression. War and witch hunts are the last resorts of the dying swine; there are always new enemies to find and more reasons to stay scared. Courage is hard to build when people are afraid, but the cycle is inevitable.

History suggests institutions who resort to the lower forms of human nature face extinction. If only their predecessors were alive to warn them.

‘’Enjoy power while it lasts’’ — Rome, probably.

The pillars of a system built on fear are no stronger than a house of cards, and big castles fall the hardest under the weight of innovation. Mere thoughts fed real faith grow to beat giants and crumble empires. We think freely today because we beat terror, and we can do it again. The potential is wired in our psyche forever.

Do you hear the fear in stories told by teachers, doctors, politicians, and spiritual leaders? Evil is everywhere! Food, water, air, soil, fear-mongers, governments, immigrants, ignorance and the media. Everything can and will kill you, even in the after life for some. There is no escape but complacency, they say.

So who profits from your anxiety, today? Follow your money and see for yourself. A mental spring cleaning is necessary to give new ideas the space to grow. Our reality is collapsing faster than ever before and the time to act in spite of terror is now. We might be too late tomorrow. Victory is one thought away, so why be afraid?

The revolution starts with you.

Create Your Victory — Illustration © Mischa Kavish

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