Time To Adjust

Resolution magic starts to wear off at the halfway mark of January as repressed habits come back knocking, then tapers for a few weeks until they break down the door. Gyms empty one head at a time while few motivated souls transcend as regulars; the rest fall back into hibernation, only to awaken when a departed spring announces the return of the hot sun and skin suit season.

Good intentions are the launch blast of a rocket ship powerful enough to send hundreds of thousands of pounds of human innovation into space, yet fail to anticipate the unexpected for you. Elon Musk can attest that life is fast sometimes and nature cruel. There will be complications, mishaps, and a new devil on every level waiting to shove you out of your path into the wall if you are not paying attention.

This consciousness of a dark void between dreams and reality is the resolution wall familiar to many when February comes around. Results fall short of expectations, the tank runs out, and the real health puzzle begins.

Consider a moment of your time to study the sum of your efforts so far this year.

Is your digestion improving?
How’s your morning energy?
How are do feel after a workout?

There’s a high chance you are headed the wrong way if you answered these questions negatively, even this early after the resolution. Perhaps your body overdosed on exercise, overwhelmed, or you drained your mind with two weeks of counting grams of protein and calories so shortly after the holiday dietary decadence. Maybe your strategy is leaking your results down the drain and you have no idea.

Time to adjust.