Truth about fear and conquering it

Fear, frustration, anger, stress — yes we all deal with it. The truth I've come to realize is it relates all to one thing. Knowledge.

Sounds silly right?

In late 2015 I made a decision to change my life. I dedicated myself to becoming a true professional in my craft, focus on my health, and really live life in the moment. We read these inspirational quotes and amazing stories but the hardest part is knowing where to start, how to get started, who to get in cont…..


That’s what is lacking. At this point I was afraid because I didn’t know. I believe the root cause is not the actual fear of something or someone, it is fear of the unknown. This small realization led me to hours upon hours for months researching, studying, and applying principles and techniques to the areas I wanted to improve of in my life. I found those who have achieved what I wanted and would live, eat, and breath content they have produced. This made 2016 my best year for personal development, career, and overall well being.

Fast forward to today, the past 8 days I have been more stressed, afraid, and unsure then ever and it is fascinating. The heavy weight that bears on your empty hollow chest. The feeling that drains you and throws your adrenal system into fight or flight mode, that feeling. I now know that It’s a cause from lack of knowledge. What drives me forward is knowing I need information on the unknown.

The release of hormones (hyper-arousal) causes loss of appetite, increased heart rate, awareness, and energy— use it. Learn what you don’t know and don’t walk away or towards the fear, walk with it. Understand and feel how it affects you and knowingly use it to push you forward. It is a very weird concept, and the feeling won’t disappear or get better. It is what keeps me advancing and I encourage you to try it. The least that could happen is you conquered one of your fears.