Five Books You’ve Never Heard of That Will Change Your Life
Shane Parrish

You talk about “thinking like everyone else” like it’s a bad thing. And what is winning if you cant get a place at the table? What’s your agenda if the normal human things in life are looked down upon? There are no problems if people treat people like people, and behave in humane ways. The problem is not thinking like everyone else. The problem is trying to feel that you think better an everyone else.

Society runs on the majority of the population being good, solid, and reliable people, who have high moral standards. Imagine if the main part of your society was just a bunch of assholes trying to set themselves apart by thinking differently? Life in your country would fall apart. What you require is everyone doing what they are supposed to do, as humans require a life that makes them feel normal.

This is a bumper sticker response to a bumper sticker blog.

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