Do you believe in the nobility of suicide?

What a question.

Not just because of the “deep” implications. But rather because of the mixed meanings behind the question.

When someone asks you that question, they are secretly asking if you condemn suicide morally. Because your answer tends to be linked to you and your emotions. And if you’ve never seriously considered suicide, your initial answer is no. You’ve never been that depressed, to the point where life seems meaningless and death seems a release.

So. If we’re actually asking about the nobility of suicide, what do we mean?

If we think of something as noble we think of it as justified. And when might ending your life be justified?

If we refer back to our earlier discussion on the morality of suicide, to find most people find it rehensible, we come so a similar conclusion. Actions we view as immoral we tend to not allow room for justification. Justice is justice, right is right. In reference to culture our society has become more and more accepting. What’s right for me isn’t right for others, especially for those raised in a different and society and cultuer.

Hmm. We haven’t got any closer to an answer. Allow me to impart my opinion then and open a new avenue of thought;

When might I (or you) end our own lives?

If I can imagine myself in a truly terrible and unsurvivable situation, could that prompt me? Probably not. But that’s just how I hold myself; always try. And that’s tended to treat me and my life well.

Say I was in an abandoned house surrounded by a horde of the undead. Would dieing to the horde, a few short moments of intense pain, be worth even the slimmest chance that I might survive?

How about something more believable. Slowly dieing of cancer. Could I bring myself to end it?

Possibly. I’ll admit I’ve never been in such a painful situation, or one where I might feel such a great loss of dignity. But again, my belief that effort begets reward is engrained.

How about depression. Could I imagine myself so devoid of pleasure or enjoyment? I can surely understand those emotions, but I can never truley place myself into a pit so bleak.

So the question now is could you end it? Your life? A bullet. A knife. A rope. A bridge. In any capacity, could you really?

I’d hazard the answer is no. Deep down most of us couldn’t fathom it. And yet, it seems to be one of the things we hold true control over. And so when robbed of our dignity or perhaps choice, it becomes our final one to make.

What a happy thought.