Fly High In The Sky With Luxury Adventure Sports

Action. Adventure. Adrenaline. These three A’s define my childhood as I was the kid constantly seeking to explore all that our world has to offer. Before graduating high school I had already seen the world from above during a skydiving adventure and taken a look at the deepest depths during my scuba certification. I thrive in new environments where I can experience adventure with friends and family. I have been caving, gone whitewater rafting, and gone rock climbing to my hearts content — all in an effort to live life to the fullest. I have a passion for adventure and hope to share this passion with others in the luxury market. I want to take clients above and beyond all of their previous adventures and experiences.

My overall goal is to buy a private island and start my own luxury resort. The theme of this island will be high adventure paired with luxury vacation. Activities will include anything from skydiving to scuba diving to the flyboarding as seen above. There will be rope swings, cliff diving, and jet ski’s galore. Depending on the size and geography of the island, I will look into activities such as white water rafting as well as guided helicopter tours. After a day of high adventure activities, guests will have access to a spa with full amenities and comforts. They will be staying in a five star resort with gourmet dining and world class sleeping arrangements. This island will be a one-of-a-kind getaway where unforgettable memories will be made.

The video above is a combination of clips from my very first time on the flyboard. I had a phenomenal time riding! I wanted to purchase one immediately after (but unfortunately they cost as much as buying a used car).

While starting an adventure island resort seems like a challenging feat, this will be no reason for me to stray away from my goal. I like the idea of starting from scratch and building a dream paradise exactly as I envision.

I also hope to include water sports such as wakeboarding and water skiing. For those brave and daring enough, I will have more “unique” water activities such as skiing on a bar stool. Learning to ride this was one of my most memorable days as a kid and I hope to share this experience with other clients brave enough to climb the rungs.

Now the point of this particular blog post is to talk about social media content creation. While I wanted to focus on my ideas for an adventure resort, I will also talk about the four pieces of media displayed in this post. I have a video which got the most engagement outside of social media. I had friends texting me and asking where they could try to ride the flyboard. The conversations and talking about my experiences flying were amazing!

I also have a few photos that I edited for this blog post. The jetpack pictures got the most social media engagement as they were out of the norm when scrolling through a news feed. A few of my friends also asked if the picture of me waterskiing on a bar stool was photoshopped or not (it was not). My final picture on rope swings got the attention of local friends wanting to know where to go to find this spot!

Overall the content creation was a fun way to share my experiences and get friends and family to learn more about my desire to start a high adventure island business. I can’t want to see what the future holds!

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