Why Messaging Bots Won’t Replace Apps
Tomaž Štolfa

Apps (web and mobile) are technology-centric, bots are human-centric. Technologists will no doubt continue to deride bots, because technologists serve one master — technology. Bots are of no interest to them (they do actually feel threatened by the bots).

However, technologists (although being very vocal) represent just a tiny sliver of the 1,5 billion (and growing) active online users. It doesn’t really make much sense to cater to such a tiny portion of customers.

For a counter-opinion on your article, you may find this of some interest: https://medium.com/@alexbunardzic/are-bots-just-a-fad-are-guis-really-superior-a1f52007d2b9#.bhp3ns1bn

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