Recently I’ve been working on a lot of frame by frame animation and am using the wave principle constantly. It’s so fundamental and I wanted to share it to reinforce what I know and learn some new things along the way.

I’ll first break down why the wave principle works in theory and then teach you how to put it into practice.

In Theory

The wave principle is essentially a series of arcs.

Arcs are important because they are a natural and fluid movement. More things than you realize move in arcs.

Keeping points clean in Illustrator will speed up illustrating and make life easier when animating paths in After Effects. Here are two ways to keep it clean while you work in Illustrator.

**If you want to be speedy I recommend learning the keyboard shortcuts listed next to the commands.

The Problem: Overlapping Points

Overlapping points can be a pain to select and edit.

The Solution: Average Points

Alex Carey

I’m a designer and animator in Los Angeles. You can find my work at

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