Sorry I haven’t written in two months, not that anyone cares…

When you dont have any followers *cries*

So anyway, I just finished my midterms about two weeks ago, and it really took a toll on me. Now I’ve been not in the school mood at all, so when I looked ahead on the school calendar and saw February break was coming up, I was psyched. And last Friday was the last day of school until break for me, and I couldn’t wait, I was so excited for break to start, only to find out that when I woke up on Friday morning, my throat hurt.

Naturally, I just figured it was because I slept with my mouth open, or because I was thirsty or something, so I went to school. As the day went on, though, my throat got more and more sore. And by the tine 9th period rolled around, my ear was hurting too. Now I was thinking I might be coming down with something, so when I got home I told my mom, and it turned out I had a fever. Yeah, a freaking fever. But it was low-grade, so I just figured it’ll be gone by tomorrow at the latest and I could enjoy my week off of school. But nooooo, because when I woke up on Saturday morning, I had strep throat.

Of course something had to happen. The rest of the day I felt horrible, as I also had a 102 degree fever and an ear infection. Couldn’t I have just enjoyed my break? Apparently not! But the only good thing about this whole sickness monstrosity is that while my mom and brother are out doing stuff, I get to stay home alone all day! And that’s eexactly what im doing right now! I just recently got one of my favorite book series, The Sisters Grimm, and im rereading the whole thing, so I get to do that in peace and quiet. And after that I can play videogames the rest of the time! Wow I am such a geek.

Anyway, this story actually reminds me of my birthday two years ago. I got sick on my birthday with pneumonia, and it sucked. Apparently holidays don’t like me much…

So I hope you’re having a good break from school, or if you’re in school right now, then I hope you’re trying to have fun in school. Also, if you like Pokemon, then follow me on Instagram: @pearlshipping4ever

Have a great day!