Kendrick Drops New Tracks; Album Imminent

Its been a busy few weeks for Kendrick, which have seen the first reappearance of the King of Compton on his own tracks since he released Untitled Unmastered over a year ago. In the downtime between To Pimp A Butterfly (2015) and his new album which is rumoured to drop this Friday, Kendrick’s been busy guesting on tracks from artists like Beyonce and Kanye, to label mate Isiah Rashad and he’s even popped up on a Maroon 5 track.

Kendrick’s now-deleted Instagram post

Lamar set the internet ablaze a few weeks ago, deleting all of his Instagram posts and cryptically posting a single image with an IV on it. Speculation that a new album was imminent proved correct when Kendrick dropped ‘The Heart Part 4' on March 24. The latest installment in ‘The Heart’ series which stretches back at least 7 years covers lots of ground, attacking the Trump administration, Big Sean, Lee Baca and possibly even Drake. His most combative verse since 2013’s ‘Control’ was followed up a week later with a new track ‘Humble’ and an accompanying video.

Kendrick at the Last Supper in Humble

‘Humble’ is a dazzling video, dense with the symbology and visual cues typical of Kendrick’s music videos. Directed by Dave Meyers, we see Kendrick dressed as a young pope at the Last Supper, seemingly juxtaposing the title’s message. After the socially-conscious, generation-defining To Pimp A Butterfly, Kendrick’s releases so far provide few hints as to what’s coming next. Both songs fire shots at other rappers, and Kendrick has few qualms stating his dominance of the rap game, but apart from a few barbs at Donald Trump we haven’t seen the level of social commentary yet that we’ve come to expect from Kendrick. If his own statements are anything to go by, these two tracks are the kind of loud, glitzy tunes meant to draw our attention back to Kendrick’s solo work before his suspected 7th April album drop. In a recent New York Times interview Lamar hinted that his album was “urgent” and that given “how wayward things have gone within the past few months, [his] focus is ultimately going back to [his] community and the other communities around the world where they’re doing the groundwork.”