Chew’s Choice of the Week #014

It’s been a pretty amazing few weeks — we recently surpassed 40,000 hours of DJ broadcasts and soon followed the milestone with a humungous 300,000 hours watched. And, as we’ve seen since launching the platform last year, interest in Chew is global. Interestingly, last week, we discovered an amazing new DJ from the United Arab Emirates (one of our first) — broadcasting out of Abu Dhabi…

When we came across Laati’s Chew stream we were incredibly impressed with the quality of his show. Not only was the music banging — but the location he was streaming from was so cool for a home setup. Nicknamed ‘The Barn’, the home studio has what Laati describes as an “insane” sound system and is the perfect place expressing himself through his music. He explains that the music scene in UAE is very commercial and his barn is the only place where he can play a diverse range of dark and experimental music.

Laati plays a mixture of underground techno and deep house vibes — always with an emotional melody to it. As he says; “it is highly important that a DJ is able to move a crowd through the music he plays”.

We hope that he continues his wonderful spree of shows so that we can tune in again for his spacey journey! Congrats to Laati on being #ChewsChoice this week.

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