Track What Matters The Most With Samsung SmartThings Tracker

Samsung SmartThings Tracker

The amazing news is flying around about the new gadget of auto tracker release by Samsung. The world is getting smarter with the invent of smart devices around. Samsung Finally released the Samsung SmartThings Tracker gadget to find your misplaced items by using the tracker on the Samsung SmartThings Tracker. These gadgets are using LTE tech to connect smartly. One of the best tracking device released by Samsung.

These Gadgets are using LTE tech to connect smartly. The Samsung SmartThings tracker is unable to track your misplaced items without LTE-M. As these small tracking devices are useless without LTE coverage.

You can track your pets, kids and misplaced items with the use of the cellular network on these small tracking devices which enables you to have the real-time tracking data. You would need SmartThings App to install on your Samsung smartphone. When you press the power button on the Samsung SmartThings twice it will send the location information data through the Samsung SmartThings App. You would also be able to send SOS as you would have the option on these small tracking devices.

The small tracking devices are not only limited to use with your smartphone. As it has the compatibility with other smart home products. So you would be able to use it in combination with other smart home devices. The other devices like light, thermostats, and security cameras are compatible with Samsung SmartThings. you do not need to stick a tracking chip to your items in the presence of this safety tracking device.

It is a multi-purpose and multi-function device; I mean to say that you are not limited to use it for tracking misplaced items. You would have the liberty to use it as an arrival sensor on your gate or main door of your house. It would trigger lights to turn on when the safety tracking device is in reception.

You can demarcate area to it for determining geofencing areas. The automatic alert system would inform you when the tracker is out of the demarcated area and going in or out of coverage.

Another nice thing about one of the features of Samsung SmartThings is it is water resistant. It means you can use it for activities indoor and outdoor both without any fear of malfunctioning. The single charge of a battery would give you the battery life of one week. It is also amazing that use your device tension free and you do not need to put the charger all the time in the switch to charge it.

The concept of Samsung SmartThings Tracker is exactly the same as the Bluetooth tracker. All the functions are exactly the way Bluetooth is doing. The Samsung SmartThings Tracker works on the cellular network and here is the difference in its functions and work.

The Samsung SmartThings Tracker can work as your keychain and would you never go away from your pocket. We previously heard about the same as the thing from some companies but did work so smartly. Now let see what Samsung SmartThings Tracker is doing in the market.

The Bluetooth tracking device was cheap in the market and also a bit smaller in size. The range for the coverage area was limited to 200 feet. The range depends on the crowd situation and GPS for finding the missing or stolen items. But the Bluetooth trackers range is all the thing if the stolen object is in the range you would be able to find it, and if is outside of the coverage area you would not be able to find it.

It is quite clear that Samsung SmartThings Tracker is depending on LTE network so the range maximizes with the cellular network. The range of coverage is not limited to some counted feet as it would increase because of the cellular network.

Another sweet function of the Samsung SmartThings Tracker monitors your kids with the help of it. You might have a baby monitor or some child tracker or safety tracking device through your smartphone to locate them. Through the Samsung SmartThings Tracker, you would be able to monitor them on the face of your smartphone. It would give you the better idea of their location in any sort of emergency situations.

The Samsung SmartThings Tracker would be available in the market from the month of September 2018. It would give you the services for one year and you do not need to pay at the beginning. It is not free but you would be able to pay after twelve months after using the services for one year. People around the globe rising question about the expensive price tag on the Samsung SmartThings Tracker. But if you see its functions are not limited to only tacking a location and give you location services. It is multifunctional and would allow you to use with your smart home devices.