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Today I realized that my learning model doesn’t work. After several months of working on current project I’ve realized that all the staff I did for this period was, in fact, working on already existing knowledge base.

Today I’ll try to achieve new position of a Middle Python Dev. So, I was doing hard study to achieve it. And in a retrospective, I see that this week I’ve learnt much more than in last several month!

I’ve made a mistake that lots of people (IMO) do while learn something.

What was the mistake?

I thought that I know very much.

You see, everybody in my circle told that I am kind of very qualified guy. And I saw that I am. Because at work, I did lot of help to other junior developers. I reviewed their code and implementations. And, in most, they were more correct than their ones.

And in the same time I was realizing that I still have much to learn. I was shy to contribute open source (sorry, friends from gdg.org.ua, I feel an awful person because of that). I was shy to make something interesting for myself on my own. Most of my so-called projects are really disappointing and uninteresting.

And I learnt. I’ve read hundreds times about the same thing even not realizing that in fact, I know this thing already. After the start of the year I didn’t find out anything new. I was just learning the same things. How to write good code, how to work in vim, etc.

I’ve forgot one little thing that my father told me when I was learning Delphi.

There is two maniacal professions in this world: medical doctors and IT specialists. Both of them have to learn all the life and both of them mostly don’t have a vacation.

That’s what he told. And it’s totally truth, even if you didn’t realize it.

The right thing

The right thing is to find something new for you. Always. Every day and every hour. I knew that I don’t know much of related to web development subjects. But I didn’t know that there is so much I didn’t even realize!

If you are reading this article, maybe you have the same problem as I had. Even if you think that you’re not. That’s human’s nature — to think that you’re the only one right about yourself. But I will disappoint you — mostly, you are wrong about yourself.

I’m not a native English speaker, so there might be some mistakes and I’m very sorry for that.

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