DNS and the Internet Breaks

Or “How I tried to browse Aliexpress and could not because of DNS”

Yesterday I opened aliexpress.com website and got very interesting and fun thing. The page loaded instantly, but it was just simple and plain… HTML Markup. Without styles, scripts and anything else. It was something strange and it made me curious. But before that, let’s go to a day before yesterday. Because it was the first day, when I’ve experienced an issue.

A day before yesterday I made a decision to contribute a bit to mastodon (yes, I’m that kind of guy). Everything was setting up smoothly, until I needed to set up front end packages. I typed yarn install, and got an error, that package registry is unavailable. After searching around, I found out that doesn’t work not just for me, but for random people from random places. And that by unknown reason, node.js just can’t find registry.yarnpkg.com. So I tried to dig it (for those, who don’t know much — dig is a command line utility that allows you to debug DNS servers to check whether they know, which address is domain name associated to). And I’ve got an address that was… a CloudFlare proxy. That moment I decided that there are some issues with those proxies and gave up.

But next day I had an issue with aliexpress.com. Assuming that issues have similar nature, I started investigating, what was wrong. DevTools gave me information that there was something wrong with certificates, that didn’t match domain. Information about certification gave me no clue, until I tried to dig the address. And I’ve got no IP address. While site was expecting that I should get it. And that moment I tried to open the same single site from mobile Firefox, using LTE internet instead of WiFi. It worked well. The issue was on DNS side of things, so I overridden DNS with OpenNIC project’ ones. That fixed internet at home.