One factor to consider is that not all ideas for Participatory Budgeting bubble up spontaneously…
Robert Winters

Thanks for the reply Rob.

Definitely worth considering. Just hard to know what actual impact in the numbers that this has and where in the process it might be reflected, if at all. As I stated in the post, this can be one of the downsides of not having any restrictions around idea submission, though I’m not convinced adding rules is the optimal approach.

It also leads one to ask: who is coordinating? The city department employees with residents? Just department employees? Others?

And where in the process is this taking place? At idea submission (which my post was about)? During the idea approval process done by budget delegates (which I’ve participated as)? Behind “closed doors”? All of the above?

Also, how do you know it’s only some divisions and not others? Word of mouth?