New Rental Documentation: Existing Templates

There’s no perfect solution today for documenting your new place. There are a good amount of articles on taking pictures and there’s a bunch of templates that can be used for your move in/out checklist.

What’s missing is an easy solution that brings those worlds together. At Reposit we recommend not only having a checklist, but photo/video evidence of all of those checks as well. The better integrated those two pieces of information are, the easier it’s going to be to get a full picture of the full state of your place.

The Reposit app is going to be the place that those data sources come together. Until then though, there are a good amount of resources that can be used in the interim. Here’s a collection of some of our favorite checklists (sorted from least to most thorough):


United Tenants of Albany:


UC Santa Cruz Community Rentals Department:


24/7 Real Estate:

The more that you document, the better things will be, but anything is better than nothing. The 24/7 Real Estate checklist has been the best we have found so far. If you have seen a better one, please send it over!

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