Throughout college (and still today), I have been a renter in either a house or apartment. During this time, I have had the full spectrum of landlords from fantastic to terrible. One theme that I have found is that when you’re moving out, there’s inevitable conflict or tension when it comes to returning the security deposit.

Admittedly, more of some of this has been my own fault. Damages happen and more than once I haven’t deserved to get my full deposit back. The issue is that even when the effort has been taken to leave the place the same as when I moved in, almost inevitably there will still be deductions.

Once you’re moving out and trying to get your money back, what do you do if some is withheld? Did you take pictures and properly document every nook and cranny of your place when you moved in? Do you still know where that documentation is? Do you know the law about what can be deducted from a deposit vs what items are considered “wear items” and have a finite life (like carpet)? I usually had issues with the first two points, and good friends of mine have had issues with the third. If we can get over these seemingly simple hurdles, coming to an agreement on what a reasonable amount of your deposit is to return will be a much easier exercise.

The goal of Reposit is to bring awareness to the security deposit process to ensure that fairness is the #1 priority for both renters and landlords. This awareness is comprised of three pillars: documentation, collaboration, and knowledge of the law.

Throughout the upcoming posts, we’ll dive more into each of these three pillars and explore how to improve the security deposit experience for renters and landlords alike.

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