The Flying Things Mod — New for Minecraft!

Alex Craft
Aug 16 · 1 min read

Saddle your magic props and go explore the airy spaces! The Flying Things mod offers traveling on a magic carpet or witch’s broomsticks in Minecraft. When flying at high speed, there is a chance of diving under water! You can repaint the transport in any color with ordinary dyes or wash with a sponge.

Mobs do not know how to use new things, but the Corail31 developer promises to fix this in the updates. He also plans to make passenger seats. Now you can ride alone, but soon friends or pets will be able to join you.


  • Requires the resource Phial of Animation, which is found in chests.
  • Use the item on the ground, and the character will automatically ride it.
  • The W key is responsible for moving forward.
  • Look around with your mouse. Shift — dismount (as with any mount).

You can download the mod here:


  • Download Forge from here.
  • Download the mod on the carpet plane on your PC.
  • Put it in “mods”.
  • Play to check!
Alex Craft

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