Cute, white-girl yoga instructor or Putin-troll? How to tell the difference.

Many of you may have seen the recent odious Medium post about John McCain suggesting that he “just die.” You may look at the picture of the author of this post and think “gee, she looks so nice! why is she so mad at John McCain?” Your brain enters a state of high cognitive dissonance. Maybe John McCain has done something to deserve such foulness from a random, cute girl, as he lies in his hospital bed recovering from surgery? Surely, he must have done something really bad to deserve the hate of such a cute, innocuous looking white girl who has never met him?

The author of that post also hates lots of other stuff: the Democratic Party. The Republican Party. Hillary Clinton. The American Media (but not RT. She loves RT!! RT is like flowers and bunny rabbits and My Little Pony rolled into one!) And now, she hates John McCain! But why? What do all these people and institutions have in common?

Somehow, certain people seem to have enormous success on Medium, Salon, HuffPo and various other blog/news sites. Take H.A. Goodman. He’s been a fan of Rand Paul, Gary Johnson, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump AND Jill Stein. How is this possible? What world -view could this hodgepodge collection of people possibly represent?

Each year, journalism schools pump out eager young millennials into the worst market in journalism history. Years of waiting tables and scribbling for pennies await. But then, like magic, a dark stranger appears and offers to *publish* the inane scribbles of the young journalism majors! They discover that as long as they write certain things, they will get a million shares and “likes” from “people” on social media, catapulting them to the top of everyone’s “must read” list! Suddenly, they are famous writers, being cited by real politicians!

Goebbels would be, like, so proud of you guys.

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