Find the White Man! Or a Short List of Politicians Americans Loath

Newt Gingrich spent most of the 90s trying to get voters to hate Bill Clinton. “Look at that guy!” he kept saying. “He cheated on his wife! He’s a liar!” But the public didn’t care. The American public likes Bill Clinton. Why? They don’t know why. They just do. “Bubba” Bill Clinton is like Joe Biden, a regular guy you could have a beer with while watching the game. “Have a beer with” is the ultimate test of electability. No one ever asks if voters want to “have a glass of Chardonnay” with a political candidate. Because we all know what kind of person drinks Chardonnay. The same kind of person who prefers yoga to football.

So voters love Bill Clinton and they will love him until the day he dies. But Hillary Clinton is a very different story. Americans hate Hillary Clinton the way they hate, oh I don’t know, let’s say Nancy Pelosi, that wicked witch of the moral free-zone that is liberal San Francisco. Or Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, that conniving DNC shill who stole the primary. Or Donna Brazile, who had the nerve to write an email. The nerve of that woman!

And now they’re learning to hate Loretta Lynch, who many people feel should be under investigation for *something*, even if they’re not quite sure for what. And yes, they even hate Sarah Palin, though the group of Americans who hate Nancy Pelosi don’t overlap much with the group that hates Sarah Palin. But the tenor and quality of the hate is similar. Let’s face it, would Obama have won in 2008 if people didn’t hate Sarah Palin quite so much?

As for Pelosi, well, some Democrats are starting to wonder how far the party could get if it had “different leadership.” A “different face,” as others have put it. As a tough old broad who’d seen it all once said, fasten your seat belts, ladies, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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