The Talented Mr. Comey
Susan Bordo

Great article.

Some additional points: 1) HRC was not the only powerful woman challenging the status quo in 2016. Case in point: Comey appears to have made several key decisions based on a fake memo written by the Russians that purported to tie Debbie Wasserman Shultz and Loretta Lynch to an employee of the foundation of George Soros who used to work in their Russia office. Anyone at all familiar with Russian propaganda could have told Comey the document was a fake, yet he apparently relied on it when deciding to hold his infamous press conference. His decision making around this incident is baffling, but it fits in with the general impression I have gotten that Comey really did not like Loretta Lynch and was particularly susceptible to fake news about her.

2) The excellent Lawfare podcast did an interview with Comey last month. He was asked what the most important message is for law enforcement at the moment. He said it was to “follow norms” at all times. These norms, Comey adds without a trace of irony, will never lead you astray. If only he had followed his own advice! Worth a listen.

3) I admit I bought Comey’s book in an effort to understand his actions. Now, I realize that I may have made an unintentional donation to his criminal defense fund. We will see what the IG report says tomorrow. I am willing to accept it as a fair assessment of what was going on inside the FBI in 2016.

Keep up the good work! I loved your book but thought it could have pushed even further. Someone should write a book on “Lock Her Up” through the ages, beginning with medieval witch trials, via Salem to arrive at our present moment.