Did you just call Snowden a Russian spy?
Chris T

I withdraw what I wrote about Snowden. I don’t know the guy and neither, I presume, do you. Let’s not get off subject.

You’re point about Native American groups is a good one. But here is Hillary meeting with Navajo groups: http://nativenewsonline.net/currents/navajo-nation-president-endorses-hillary-clinton-president-says-trump-will-not-respect-tribal-sovereignty/

You haven’t addressed my comment about the Moms of the Movement.

Jack, Hillary was also heavily involved with the civil rights movement while in college. You’re mixing up her story. She was a “Goldwater Girl” in high school because here parents supported Goldwater. She didn’t question it until she went to college and got involved in civil rights. Then she did a total 180 and came out as an activist. She became a national figure in the civil rights movement at the time — she was in Life magazine. She then went to work for the Children’s Defense Fund. You guys are just 100% wrong about her. The sad part is that she and Bernie actually have very similar backgrounds and priorities. It was sad, watching him tear her apart.


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