Just Like Facebook, WaPo and the NY Times Need to take Some Responsibility for Russian Trolls

In an article today on the Daily Telegraph, a former Russian paid troll told the story of his average work day:

“Maksim and the trolls in his department made 50,000 roubles (£650) a month posting tens of thousands of comments on Western media sites like The New York Times and Washington Post, he said.”

We all saw the comments. We also saw the onslaught of negative “stories” and “think pieces” on sites like HuffPost and Salon.com, among many, many others, including Medium.

The media collectively keeps pointing fingers at Facebook and Twitter, but honestly, newspapers and news sites need to do some cleanup themselves. A lot of trust was lost during this election due to the sloppy negligence of the news media.

I’m not saying WaPo or the Times can police their comments section, but the idea that there were armies of people paid money to post negative comments all day on American newspapers and now those same newspapers are acting like they had no idea and could do nothing to stop it…it sounds a lot like the excuses Facebook has been giving. And if Facebook owes the public and internal investigation into Russian meddling, than so does the news media.