An unattributed quote is not a citation.
Chris T

That quote is from his congressional testimony at the time. Those are his own words that were on the record as to why he was supporting the bill. I’m not trying to justify the crime bill, I’m trying to say that *both* candidates had a mixed record on race. I remain confused as to why Hillary’s hard work to promote the Mothers of the Movement was ignored, while people chose to overlook Bernie’s somewhat questionable record. I maintain it was a double standard. Many people tried to convince me to vote for Bernie because he was held out as some sort of civil rights leader, but he just isn’t, and trying to pretend he is does a disservice to real civil rights leaders. The truth is, we were asked to choose between two well-meaning if somewhat clueless old white people. That was the primary.

And lest we forget, Bernie was one of the key people who killed immigration reform. I will never, ever, forgive him for that. During the primary, he claimed it was because of the work permit program, but once again, that’s not what he said at the time. At the time, he said he was protecting the American working class (ie white people) against an influx of “cheap foreign labor.”

The Intercept has a clear and somewhat questionable anti-Hillary agenda, so I’m afraid I can’t accept them as an unbiased source on anything. Remember, these are the people who turned in poor Reality Winner, a leaker, after holding themselves out as a site dedicated to protect leakers. They came to prominence as the site that published a lot of Edward Snowden’s leaked documents, yet when working with a leaker who is not a Russian spy, they turned her in. I simply do not trust them as an unbiased source.

Different Hollywood celebrities endorsed different candidates — Spike Lee was a booster for the Bernie campaign. Beyonce was a booster for Hillary’s campaign. Once again, I’m not sure why Spike Lee’s opinions are more important than Beyonce’s. If someone can explain to me why Bernie gets to be a civil rights icon because Spike Lee said so, while the many voices of black women for Hillary were ignored, then please explain it to me.

Once again, none of this is to excuse Hillary Clinton’s mixed record on racial justice, but Bernie is a union guy. That’s his issue.

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