Why we choose Sydney for our next B2B Rocks event?

If you attended B2B Rocks in Paris this year, you have probably heard that we are launching the conference in Sydney on Thursday 27 of October 2016.

Since the announcement, a lot of people have asked me why we chose Australia for this new edition. So I will try to recap here:

Lots of great B2B startups

The APAC region (especially Australia and NZ) is a great place to launch B2B startups or to expand internationally. There are a lot of great SaaS and Marketplace coming from there : Envato, Freelancer, Atlassian, Xero, Canva, Vend

Australia has all the components of a good ecosystem (VCs, accelerators, co-working,…) and there are lots of upcoming B2B and SaaS startups.

A growing demand for B2B events in the area

When I started B2B Rocks in Paris in 2013, there was no major B2B / SaaS event in Europe (at least the kind of events we wanted to attend). The offer quickly meet the demand and all our events have been sold out. B2B Rocks has been joined by SaaStock this year. And I think we are doing a good job with them to offer 2 great conferences to European B2B startups.

When I was thinking about the internationalization of the conference, I had to think about the local “demand”. It’s totally useless to organize a conference if it’s the nth of the same style and nobody care about.

The US looks really well covered by Saastr, Dreamforce and other big B2B events.

Australia and Asia look like interesting territories to explore for us.

We quickly realize that there is no such conference in Australia and that lots of people were interested in. We decided to adapt the event to local needs and it will be a little bit different from the European one. The event is open to founders, VCs but also to the executives and managers of great companies.

If you are around, you should definitely register ! If you are not, help us spread the Aussie world and share the news !

Thanks to the hard work of the local B2B Rocks team led by Leo from Australiance, we already have amazing entrepreneurs and talks scheduled such as Matt Mickiewicz (Hired), Jason Millett (Moelis & Company), Franck Demoiseau (Offis), Pete Cooper (The Start Society), Åsa Nyström (Buffer), John Henderson (AirTree Ventures), Mehul Patel (Hired), Ian Buddery (Maestrano), Fran Ereira (Temando), Venessa Paech (Green Hat), Arnaud Lachaume (Maestrano), Liam Teh (AB Tasty), Dale Rankine (Reekoh), Renald Gallis (Thinxtra), David Francis (Virtual Method), Anuraj Gambhir (Avantage Global), Dave Gardiner (Carthona Capital), Nick Hitchens (Hitch Advisory), Robert Kawalsky (Zeetings), Aryeh Sternberg (DWA Media), and Marc Cowper (Recomazing).

Thanks also to our partners of this first edition Offis, HIRED, Zeetings, LegalVision, AB Tasty Australia and all our supports.