Alkaline Diet, Organic Cancer Cure, and Vaccine Denialism: A Tale of 3 Quacks in the Age of…
Dr. Carol Lynn Curchoe

All thanks to DR EZIZA,
 6months ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal prostate cancer. My PSA 3,230 confirmed what the bone scan showed, over a hundred tumors already in my bones causing extremely high levels of pain. The oncologists gave me max 3 months left to live if I was “lucky”. They said there wasn’t anything they could do for me other than giving me large doses of OxyContin to help relieve my pain.Did some research on the internet and found so many testimony of how DR EZIZA had cured different disease with his powerful HERBAL medicine so i contacted him through his Email: and told him i was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal prostrate cancer and i have max 3 months to live. He told me not to worry that all is well, he requested some information from me which i gave him, He prepared a herbal medicine and sent it through a Courier company to me, he instructed me on how to take it. After 14days, he asked me to go for another test, i went and did the test, behold there was no single tumor in my bone and no more cancer, I did not die, i am still living.I can not stop thanking him, he saved my life.If you are passing through similar situations and as a result you have lost all hope, all you have to do is to contact DR EZIZA through is OR When i contacted him he gave me the list of diseases and problems he can cure. they are: Cancer,
HIV, HPV, Syphilis, Diabetes, herpes, anthrax,madness, low spam count, pregnancy, Asthma, Hepatitis A,B,C,D, Money spell, Lotteries of all kind And also bring back your Lover. You can contact him through his Email: or, he will surely help you.
Kindest Regard,

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