The Eternal Flame, On Your Smartphone

If the cover of this past week’s issue of Forbes didn’t make it clear, Tinder is much more than the dirty little secret that sits at #61 on the “free apps” download list. The stigma that Tinder has attached to it is understandable. On the surface, it’s an app dedicated to making sure you get laid by swiping prospective sexual partners both left and right. To be fair, Tinder does allow a user to create a small bio where they can express some of their creativity, favorite quotes, etc, to give a more well-rounded view of themselves beyond the pictures and shared interests. However, the act of swiping faces left and right within seconds could very well add to the shallow stigma of the app, which leads us to the pink elephant in the room:

People are embarrassed to admit they use Tinder to meet people.

Thankfully, the above statement no longer holds true. Over the last 5 years, I’ve scoffed at eHarmony,, and any other dating service. In fact, I’ve mocked J Date several times, even though my sister was involved in a very loving 2.5-year relationship that began on the site. What I haven’t scoffed at is Tinder, and that’s been my psyche since the app was available. Why? Inevitability.

To the date, I’ve had some sort of personal engagement with 8 Tinder matches (I won’t elaborate on that, for now). My friends at school know me as the Tinder King. Guys in my fraternity have asked me for Tinder consulting. I’ve even considered starting a Tinder consulting firm as a result (I’m being half-serious). Unfortunately, it’s these same friends that treat Tinder like a joke, opening with lines such as, ‘So when are we having sex?’ and ‘SIT ON MY FACE PLEASE!”

The truth is, I’m an early adopter who treats this platform with respect, swimming in a sea of others who are mentally stuck in the middle of ‘this is a phenomenal concept’ and ‘am I really doing this?’ If you’re going to download Tinder, I suggest you treat it like any other conversation, especially before it becomes a very normal, and potentially preferred method of meeting local singles. Don’t discount the power of creating a cool kids table and bringing it to the middle of the cafeteria.

Nothing will replace the experience of hitting the town with friends, meeting guys/girls, and a potential sexual partner…but today, that’s now one medium of many. What makes Tinder so brilliant isn’t that it has the ability to instill curiosity in those donning a chastity belt…it’s that they never experience rejection. For anyone that’s used Tinder, they know very well that element is completely stripped. The hardest part of a hookup is the approach, because it carries a truckload of baggage filled with self-doubt, anxiety, and what-ifs. Now-former CEO Sean Rad and his team have completely axed that part of the intercourse value chain, leaving us with a disruptive type of introduction.

I could go on for another page about why Tinder is such a brilliant app. However, I’ll let their plans of revenue-generation speak for themselves, rightfully capitalizing on 14,000 matches per second, worldwide. One unnamed big-bank analyst has predicted Tinder could reach $5.5B in market cap. The hype is as authentic as the relationships that can be developed, and I’m looking forward to what lays ahead (no pun intended).

Thank you for reading my post. If you’re going to share this with anyone, share it with your friends who give you a hard time about swiping faces left and right!