An Open Letter To People Who Write Open Letters


Dear people who write open letters,

Why do you craft open letters? Is this your way of staging a passive-aggressive protest of words against anyone of your choosing? Has it become difficult to send a letter to someone directly?

Open letters are no better than turning to the people to your left & right and blurting, “Right!? Am I right or what!?” The difference is that everyone now sits in the center of their massive social networks which only amplifies these minor-league antics.

I’ve seen these ‘letters’ addressed to all sorts of people: CEOs, presidential candidates, ex-lovers. Typically, they’re written by a disgruntled person who feels negatively affected by who they’re writing about, but not who they’re writing to. In fact, ‘open letters’ aren’t so much a proposed idea toward reaching a solution as they are a tactful way of being lauded for a certain set of values. It’s a poetic form of self-promotion aimed at your own choir.

Please respect letters and speak to people directly.