Reflections on How to Live a More Intentional and Mindful Life Entering Adulthood

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COVID-imposed time alone has been a blessing and a curse.

It has punctuated how dearly I miss school, my friends, and the autonomy that came with life at college. At the same time, it has reminded me how rarely we get to step away from the hustle and pay mind to where we are.

The latter point has really resonated with me as the weeks have passed stuck at home. Several days ago, I stumbled across Nicolas Cole’s insightful article, 30 Things You Should Know About Life Before You Turn 30.” …

Authors: Alex Debayo-Doherty and Matthew Garcia

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Our Findings:

  • Competition: Competition will continue to be one of Groupon’s weaknesses. Groupon’s only economic moat is its brand recognition. Other companies, like Honey, are using new technologies to reduce the friction involved in obtaining and applying coupons and vouchers. Direct brand social media advertising poses a threat to Groupon’s role as the middleman between businesses and customers. Merchant good sales are threatened by Amazon’s rising dominance in e-commerce sales and delivery.
  • User Experience: Groupon’s mobile and web platform resemble a digital coupon book that requires sifting through unwanted deals near you. It would benefit from a personalized feed or search category with the location. Even with card-linked (Groupon+) purchases, the customer needs to be proactive about finding vouchers and discounts, which is hard to reconcile with Groupon’s push for spontaneous mobile shopping. …

Authors: Matthew Garcia and Alex Debayo-Doherty

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Enphase Energy Inc. is a solar system and microinverter technology company, looking to disrupt the conventional relationship between solar systems and the grid. In our assessment of this company, we performed quantitative financial analysis, qualitative projective analysis, and acquainted ourselves with Enphase’s leadership and management. Enphase’s positive financial trajectory, innovative solar technology, and expansive growth potential signal the company’s promising future.

Enphase’s Concept:

Enphase operates in the solar inverter and home energy markets and produces a novel home energy system that consists of solar panels with built-in microinverters. This easily scalable rooftop solar array is connected directly to the grid, Enphase’s proprietary battery system (Enpower), and cloud-based monitoring software in the home (Enlighten). …

What do decades of clinical sleep research tell us about the importance of sleep?

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How many hours of sleep do I need a night? Does Melatonin really work? Why can’t I resist sleeping in? What are dreams? Should I cram for my test or get some rest? Sleep and alcohol? Blue-Light (“Personality”) Glasses? Drowsy Driving? I’ve been sleeping 6 hours a night for as long as I can remember… is that bad? I LOVE CAFFEINE!

In some capacity, a number of these thoughts have passed through all of our minds as we pull an all-nighter to complete the project we procrastinated, devour the irresistible new Netflix series, or party all hours in spite of the early morning alarm that is waiting. …


Alex Debayo-Doherty

Harvard Undergrad | VC, Tech, Futurist, Music Lover

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