Matz at BATHRuby 2018

I had the opportunity to attend BathRuby 2018, one of the biggest conferences dedicated to the Ruby language in England.

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The Forum Bath where BATHRuby 2018 Conf took place.

Matzumoto, the creator of Ruby, opened the conference with a keynote centred on the 25th Anniversary of Ruby.

I was super excited to meet Matz, the creator of the language that I’ve been using for many years.

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Opening Keynote by Matz — Yukihiro Matsumoto — at BATHRuby 2018

He frankly admitted that Ruby is not hot as some years ago and that there are challenges regarding the speed of the language.

He said that nowadays computer are faster but that it is not enough.

To improve the performance Matz is working on Ruby 3x3 that is a short way to say that Ruby V. 3.0 will be 3 times faster that V.2.0 .

Ruby 3 will gain that speed through a technique called JIT: Just In Time Compiler, that many other languages are using.

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Matz at BATHRuby 2018

He dreams of Interactive Programming. Computers are becoming smarter, they can beat humans on Chess, Go, and many other games. Tasks once considered privileges of the human brain.

Matz states that:

“We are the masters and computers are the servants.”

and that we should use the computer intelligence to help us on writing better code, for example through Static Type Analysis and Static Type Check.

Matz said that Ruby was not designed for the web. In fact he wasn’t doing web programming. Anyway Ruby is a great fit for the Web, it is a dynamic and flexible language, and it will continue to evolve, to get faster and better.

He regrets how threads have been designed in Ruby. Now it is too late to change them, because all the programs using thread would not work anymore, but in the future a new concurrency abstraction it could be provided in addition to threads, and the old one could be deprecated.

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Matz at BATHRuby 2018

Ruby will continue to evolve to stay relevant, it will continue to make developers happy, which is the main reason Ruby was created.

Matz mentioned a quote from the CEO of Intel:

“Only Paranoid Survive”

and confirmed that after 25 years he is still involved and that they will do everything to survive and make Ruby hot again.

A big thank you to Funding Circle for the opportunity to attend BATHRuby 2018.

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