She’s just simply the best. French chefs have recognized that Julia Child has been a huge influencer of the food culture in the World and a true master. They also viewed her as a great innovator. In this episode, you’ll see first how simple things are, how passionate she is, and a great recipe that you can do at home very easily for great results. She also starts with some great tips on how to maintain your knives, and to remove onion’s smell from your hands.

Gaspar is a new French brasserie, downtown SF (185 Sutter Street). Food is ok, nothing I would slap myself for (their wine list though is pretty good and affordable, which is nice). But the atmosphere, and the setting is super cool. In other words, it’s the perfect place to go for a happy hour, for wine and oysters.

Happy hour is Mon-Fri, 4pm-6pm. And guess what? They have $1 oyster and $5 glass of wine.

What else could we hope for? Sit at the bar upstairs. No seriously, do it. The bar upstairs. And enjoy that dozen of oysters and a good glass of wine.

alex deve

Entrepreneur & husband. CEO & Founder @ Whitetruffle, the eHarmony for talent. Easier to recruit & find a job. Love start-ups, technology, sports & food.

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