Doing Twitter Right

I’ve just joined Medium. It took (based on using my existing Twitter account) all of five minutes.

The reason I did is encapsulated in this tweet:

I don’t know if it’s entirely a new trend, but I’ve been noticing a lot recently that people are dumping an entire short essay’s worth of content into Twitter threads. This is — to be blunt — kind of dumb.

Twitter is a very specific medium, and is good at two things:

  1. Short, pithy observations (humorous or otherwise) that can fit into one 140-character tweet.
  2. Interactions between multiple people in a genuine conversation.

If you want to write something that has a persistent thread and some kind of unity — that doesn’t deliberate curtail itself or leave breathing room for others to jump in — for God’s sake do your readers a favour and pick a format that supports it.

Hence my point about signing up for Medium. It’s quick, easy, free and provides a really nice, clean-looking standard layout, which means it’s even easier than “traditional” blogging on WordPress or BlogSpot. We’re really lucky nowadays in terms of the tools available to us, I just wish more people would take the opportunity to use them to get their voices heard in the best way possible!

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