I hate to be a buzzkill, but do you mind providing examples of this “research”?
Zac Wasielewski

The movie captured it nicely, but mediumship is not fiction.

On Mediumship

No buzzkill worries, Zac. Thanks for your response. The whole point of Do The Research is to be heuristic — to encourage you to…well…do your own research, as opposed to asking me for it.

But do allow me to provide some direction. As a general rule, mediumship is more subject to the legal-evidence model than the controlled-experiment model you suggest. Both models are scientific, to be sure. Legal, however, uses credible witnesses and verifiable personal observation and experience.

Shall we go to court? There you are, judge or jury, depending on the case. Our entire system of justice is predicated on lawyers presenting such open-shut evidence as to allow you to rule Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt. You did not actually see the man kill the boy, but the prosecutor convinced you that the five witnesses who say they did see the crime are of such unquestionable integrity, and the defense so utterly failed to prove the contrary, that you must believe the witnesses and find the man guilty as charged — along with the other evidence presented, of course.

Bring that standard to a lab more familiar to the physical sciences and you will find scholars pouring over data that proves the unquestionable integrity and credibility of numerous mediums in various countries and cultures — men and women who say they converse with souls and spirits. Their stories are verified with the families of the souls and spirits. They are observed conversing with the souls and spirits. And at the end of these experiments, their conversations are confirmed as factual and true.

Do you, like me, look at history as science? Talk about verifiability. That is the work of historians and the anthropologists who feed their research and conclusions, and the list of historians and anthropologists who have affirmed the historicity, credibility and truthfulness of mediumship is LONG.

This is the sort of research and thinking you will find at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, the Institute of Spiritualist Mediums, and elsewhere. Try the books and work of Eileen Roberts, Dolores Cannon and other researchers and scientists.

Go heuristic. We would love to hear your impressions once you do.

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