Simple but effective Data Security in startups using macOS Server

SSL certificates, pen-test, bullet-proof API authentication, every day we apply the best practise in product development and they have never been more secure..

But what about internal practices and security policies?

Credential sharing on Slack, poor password policies and lack of cloud drive policies like Google Drive or Dropbox are all common examples of tech startups wrongly not focusing enough on data security.

Documents sharing, access and password policies must be in place before allowing employees to cause problems for the whole organization.

Then, why don’t start creating a simple device configuration profile with:

  • Passcode policies
Passcode Settings
  • Default device screen lock
Screen Lock
  • WiFi Passwords securely shared (embedded in profile)
Wifi Password Sharing

Upon logging in successfully, from the my devices URL (ex., will be possible enrol the device and then install the secure profile.