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While working for my current employer, I was introduced to their UI component library built in javascript using react. Its purpose is to keep our main product components small, function-specific and DRY.

The library possesses UI reusable components, following best practices in terms of accessibility while respecting order content in HTML for screen readers.

My task was to build a form builder library in TypeScript respecting the same guidelines: small, reusable with accessible components.

I decided to use Create React App Typescript — (CRA TS) as a boilerplate and convert it from an app to a library. …

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What a sensational journey 😃

100 DAYS OF CODE = 15 PROJECTS (Following the FreeCodeCamp Curriculum)

235 Hours => 2.5hrs/day

Let’s start with the links of these projects I managed to accomplish (to view, click on the project name):

=> Responsive Web Design

=> JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures

=> Front End Libraries

Some of the technical things I’ve learned or improved:

  • Applied Accessibility
  • JavaScript Algorithms

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I made a promise to myself to do my best at accomplishing what I’ve set my mind to do.

A while ago, I heard of the #100DaysofCode challenge. I kept putting it off as I dreaded the day I will commit to it.

Today I choose to dive in and experience what could be one my hardest challenge. I will aim at making the following commitments:

  • Code 1 hour each day on projects for the next 100 days (Tutorials will not count).
  • Update my progress to my log ( on github
  • Push my code to github and/or build a codepen

Long story short: I was helping an NGO who needed some recommendations about a file sharing system. I did some digging and owncloud seemed to be the ideal solution.

Their requirements were:

  • Store all sorts of files (pdf, images, doc, etc)
  • Be accessible from all platforms (computer, tablet, phone, etc)
  • Expiration dates for email sharing links
  • Different user profiles with different sets of permissions
  • Low budget (the storage capacity will depend on your web hosting plan. This will determine how much you can store on the cloud)

After doing some research, I decided to test it out on my mac

Alex Disdier

Front-End Developer @stratumn Paris, France

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