Interesting… halfway through when you were talking about the pains of different functional…

Sorry for taking so long to respond. I just found this guide and it looks to have a lot of answers to questions you mentioned.

I am working on a CLJS tutorial for JS developers that I hope will make it easy to get started with CLJS in particular. Hopefully will have done this weekend.

I recommend Clojure for the Brave and True minus the second chapter on Emacs. The author makes the entire book available for free online:

If you’re interested in Clojure’s philosophy in general, Rich Hickey has several talks I’ve found insightful:

“Simple Made Easy”: (transcript) (video)

“The Value of Values”: (transcript) (video)

“Hammock Driven Development” (transcript) (video)

I really recommend watching the videos. I think they’re worth the time and finding a place to listen to audio.