IOTA makes bright future for Internet of Things, it's not just a cryptocurrency based on blockchain
Martin Rosulek

Thanks for posting this article. It’s really great to be sharing your expertise and knowledge. Unfortunately I found it really difficult to read. Grammar mistakes aside, there is a lot of uninformative stuff about how great the internet of things is going to be big without really getting to the point about how it relates to IOTA.

I did find one part that tried to give a concrete example of how IOTA will be useful but it made no sense; 
“your device will get connected to the Internet and it will brandwith data real-time as you browse the Internet.” What does mean that my device can “brandwith data”?

Also you say;

“One of the IOTA modul is called Masked Authenticated Messaging and its job is to secure and encrypt entire data stream.”

Don’t we already have sufficient encryption tools to “secure and encrypt entire data stream”?

If the the internet of things requires machines to communicate, why is IOTA important? We already have networks that allow for machines to communicate. Is it just so that machines can buy things from each other? Is there anything else?

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that it’s not easy to write articles and post them on the internet, and if you’ve learned English as a second language then you’re much smarter than I am as I only know one language. I am actually genuinely wanting to understand your view.

Kind regards

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