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Dear friends, today we will talk about Aleo. Aleo is a new project that forms a new blockchain. The aim of the project is to introduce applications with a high degree of security into our lives. The project allows to encrypt personal data and anonymize them. Nowadays existing blockchains do not protect your personal data. We can very easily find out where the transaction was transmitted from and where it went. Also finding the owners of certain virtual wallets by the police is not as hard as it seems. Aleo wants to solve this problem, for example if you are registered on a currency exchange using your passport then rest assured that the police will know what you are doing.

Aleo offers exactly that decentralization and security that is currently not reaching the cryptocurrency market. The user of this project alone decides what data he wants to show.

The most important thing that should be emphasized is the fact that Aleo has a personal programming language. The team is working to teach the programmers of this programming language and I believe that it is from them that the team will be formed.

A lot of people already own the nodes of this project which shows that there is a lot of interest in this project. I don’t think it’s for nothing that Aleo has raised $200 million from investors like A16z, Digital Galaxy, Coinbase and others.

In my opinion we should follow this project even Katie Haun from Horowitz company announced that this project has a very big future due to the fact that security is now very valuable. Indeed the project is developing very strongly although they are not using intensive advertising.

It must be said that the ambassadorial program has already started so you should hurry.


You need to make memes, videos and blogs.

If you want to know more go to their website:



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