“I don’t invest in billion dollar ideas, I invest in billion dollar people” (Jason Calcanis)

There is a strange edge you can have in early stage investing…..

….to know you are stupid.

There’s a lot of clever people in venture capital but they have a curse – to overanalyse ideas and underestimate humans.

It’s well known that some of the biggest companies started life looking like ‘toys’ – uber was a limo service, citymapper was a bus timetable app.

Jason Calcanis (self proclaimed “greatest Angel in world”) stopped judging ideas that after telling Zynga no one would play virtual poker and that twitter was dumb.

He learnt the hard way, met Travis, didn’t care what he did and invested anyway.

Investing in billion dollar people vs billion dollar ideas pretty much sums up what I try to do.

Who knows if I’m any good but I’d wager I’ve found at least 2-3 :)

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