LinkyBrains. WTF …..?

Intro: LinkyBrains is exploding. It started in the heads of the LinkyBrain mafia (aka Chris, Doug and I) and in 2 days: 
1/ someone we had never met built a site
2/ strangers organised meetups in Milan, Malaga, China — basically all around the world
3/ a flood of people changed their job title to Underboss of Linkybrain mafia


Whats going on? Why does it matter? We think:

1/ There are linkybrains everywhere 
2. These are the leapmakers who’s brains are wired different and are the only people capable of changing the world

3/ They often do not know their power. Many do not even know they have a LinkyBrain. 
4/ Most of the world does not understand them or know how to get the best from them, therefore they stay hidden. 
5/ They are about to become more powerful than they know as the world is being rebuilt around the smart creative people

If you are like this, this, or this….you may have the gift.

So, here’s a question…What would happen if Linkybrains understood their power?

Doug Scott did. He was a beach bum. He found others like him and grew to build many multimillion companies. 
Chris Tottman did. He had a lost decade but sold Message labs for £700m and runs a £500m fund.

They both started with a brain that made leaps and no one understood. They needed people to tell them and support them and build the structures around them.

Lets see what happens when the Linkybrains all meet….

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