What Does SAATCHiNVEST Invest In?

We obviously get asked a lot about what we go for as investors….we see about 2000 deals a year and have developed a filter to help guide us.

TBh you will get the very best feel from the company we keep….

We’re seed investors in all of the following — Citymapper, Dojo, Ometria, Technology Will Save Us, Streetteam, Farewill, Evrythng, Gluru, Endource, Leaf, Picasso Labs, YossarianLives, ComparaBien, ThingThing

Our Co-Investors include Balderton, Benchmark, Index, Atomico, Connect, Playfair, Kindred, Frontline, Backd, Cisco and Samsung.

The simplest way to describe what we invest in

In short, we invest when we get seduced. The longer version is….

We like massive pains solved with seductive products from humble learning machines.

1/ Massive pains

We understand human needs above all. We need a huuuuge pain point. Users have to really care about what you do and getting users to care is the hardest thing in the world.

2. Seductive ideas

Being great at product is a shortcut that is so telling.

How often you test. How much you care about your users. How little you will need to spend on marketing because people love your product anyway etc etc.

3. Humble learning machines

The best founders we know are learning machines that iterate. They are also very rare. We love them to be on a mission.

The simplest shortcut to see a fit would be to look at our portfolio. Dojo, Citymapper, Ometria, Tech Will Save Us will give you a good spread.

Other things

We need really like each other

This is like a 10 year marriage AND we can’t even get divorced (well, we can but its harder than a real life divorce).

Are you a contrarian outlier?

Increasingly it is hard to know what will win at seed, so picking contrarian outliers is more important than ever. Mrs Wordsmith (creating a visual doctionary) and Farewill (reinventing death) are good examples here.

Can you think macro and micro?

We love it when founders see a world few else see but can execute the day to day micro.’

Do you get brand?

Very few in tech understand the intangible power of brand. If you understand this instinctively you will have the most valuable of moats later down the line.

Can you make the complicated simple?

Ometria and Citymapper do this brilliantly.

Hustle a referral from someone we trust if you think we’re a good fit ;) It’s invariably the best way.